Bias of Thoughts Bookshelf by ClarkeHopkinsClarke

Read-Unread Bookshelf by Niko Economidis Design

Angle Nesting Shelves from West Elm

Altavoz Storage by Carlos Tiscar

Catalyst Shelf by Jiyoung Seo

IVY Modular Shelving by Paris Lowitz

Nemu by Sahar Ghaheri

Filip Dujardin Photography

Cubit Modular Shelving System by Keren Fathi-Poor

Dado Shelving by Marc Haldermann

Apartment Therapy on Combination Living/Dining Rooms

Distrito Capital by Grupo Habita

Domina Shelf by Studio Ve

Fin by Neuland Industriedesign

Bookcase Kwan by Studio Ditte

Newton Shelf by Studio Ve

Plywood Furniture by CW Keller

This is My IKEA

West Village Studio by MESH Architectures

Life Around The Stove by Arthur Senant

Pencil Shelf by Dominic Wilcox