Fréquence by Jean Couvreur

Cheft Bookshelf by Maryam Pousti

Hullabaloo by Deniz Aktay

The Dachshund by Deniz Aktay

Bookgroove by Deniz Aktay

Zipper Bookshelf by Deniz Aktay

Mini Library in a Can by Kiyotaka Mizukoshi

The Book Chair by Sou Fujimoto

LoculaMENTUM Bookshelf by Michael Schlütter

CTline Bookshelf by Victor Vasilev

Rocking Chair Bookcase by Sofia Alexiou

Libro by JO-A

Isola Bookcase by Massimo Castagna

Curiosity-Go-Round by Creative Project Base & Keigo Kobayashi

Oleg Series by Andrea Cingoli

Dujiangyan Zhongshuge Bookstore

The Bookstyle Air Purifier by Winiadimchae

Fold Shelf by Rasmus Palmgren

The Kadokawa Culture Museum

Trap Bookcase by Kambiam

VAC-Library by Farming Architects