Vasu by Mikko Laakkonen

Fold by Nendo

Slat Bench/Modular Shelving by Philippe Malouin

Chevron Shelves by Henry Wilson


Blow Shelving by Yoy

Fusillo Bookshelves by Fabrizio Cazzulo and Simone Nunziato

White & Water Home by Hola Design

Invigorating Narrow House by Fujiwaramuro Architects

Bookshelf by Ivan Zhang

Speech Marks Bookends

Invisible Bookends by Paul Cocksedge

DCI Decorative Jar Bookends

Fold Shelf by Stáss

Audžiu / Weaves by Rapolas Gražys

The Books Shelf by Matt Innes and Saori Kajiwara

Racconto Plurale Multimedia Shelving by Sara Bergando

Cubious by Kristina Lindqvist

Booken by Raw Edges

20 Under Stair Storage Ideas at Inthralld

Rek Expanding Bookcase by Reinier De Jong