BlancoWhite by Estudi Arola

The Steps Home/Office by Hugh Miller

Kubrick Bookshop and Café by One Plus Partnership

Work of Veronica Palyuhova

Aintree, Vera Chapter One by Tomás Alonso

Revolver by Studio Henny van Nistelrooy

The Target Books Shelf by Mebrure Oral

Kulma from Martina Carpelan

MG Dedal Bookshelf at Gubi

Wrap-Around Shelves in Lilacs and Laughter House

Bistable by Charles Kalpakian

SheLLf Shelving by Ka-Lai Chan

Anita Shelving by Ricard Mollon

Villa Plus by Waldemarson Berglund

Ubiqua by Porada

Rope Bridge Bookshelf

READ Bookshelf

Domino Expo by Porada

Donkey Kong Shelves


House in Kaga by AE5 partners