READ Bookshelf

Domino Expo by Porada

Donkey Kong Shelves


House in Kaga by AE5 partners

Monzón Storage System by Maria Rodilla and Carla López

The Serpent by Bashko Trybek

Deadgood Bookshelf by Max Lamb

Barcelona House by Gaudi

Le Hasard from Stephanie Marin

Pied-de-Poule Shelves by Julia Quancard

Stealf – Stealth Shelf

Kitchen Bull from Toro Legno

Bookshelf by Humberto and Fernando Campana

Steel Stool by Noon Studio

Typeshelf by ThirtyFive Creative Works

Vario Bookcase by WE:DO:WOOD

Read-Unread Shelf by Niko Economidis

Plyght by Joeri Reynaert

Wow Shelf by Arthur Analts

Dr. S House by Soy Source Architects