Half Dimension Shelves by Bjørn Jørund Blikstad

Bookshelf with Integrated Bookend

Blockshelf by Amy Hunt

Hook Wall by Jean Nouvel for Methis

Triangle Shelf by J1

Sliding Shelves by Lutz Huning

SPOONYA by SturlesiDesign

Ballerina Shelf

Shelve by Lhoas & Lhoas Architects

Between Lines

Sweet Nothings by Hearthbreakers Design Studio

Short Circuit Shelf by Alexandra DiCairano

Mag frame by Shigeichiro Takeuchi

CHIPS Storage Solution

Pablo the Object Frame

Off the Wall by Kick Edgren Nyborg

Swedese Libri

Display Book Shelf by Daniel Eatock

B-LINE Zig-Zag Modular Bookcase

Nested Tables by Florian Krautli