Contrast Shelving by Studio Segers

Stacked Shelf System by JDS Architects For Muuto

Kitchen Designs from Dada

Bathroom Magazine Rack

Kolor Shelves by Tatjana Reimann

Tea House by J-Office

Tubola Round Shelf by AK 47

BOX 1-7 Modular Shelf by Pekka Kuivamaki

Hole in the Floor Series by Raw Edges

House in Sakuragaoka by Atelier Yoritaka Hayashi Architects

Industrial Pipe Bookshelves by Stella Bleu Designs

Davis Writing Studio by Travis Price Architects

Check By Jongho Park

Comic Shelf by Oscar Nunez

BlancoWhite by Estudi Arola

The Steps Home/Office by Hugh Miller

Kubrick Bookshop and Café by One Plus Partnership

Work of Veronica Palyuhova

Aintree, Vera Chapter One by Tomás Alonso

Revolver by Studio Henny van Nistelrooy

The Target Books Shelf by Mebrure Oral