90 m2 Apartment by Dunia Calavera and Mario Garriga

Artificial Landscape

Sai by Jiyoung Seo

Wallpaper Shelf

Scroll Bookshelf by Xin-Hung Lin, Pei-Yi Chiu, Chia-Rung Shu & Wung-Bing Lin

Axe Shelf

Man Cave With a View by Alexandre de Betak

Randomito by Neuland

Ransa: Floating Sofa by Younes Design

The World’s Smallest Library by Jozsef Tari

Hexa-Shelf by Sam Holmes

Folio Shelving by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Graphic Shelving System from LagoLinea

Pinta Bookshelf by Solovyoc Design

Piccole Impronte by DesignWerkstatt


ItBox by ItDesign

Bias of Thoughts Bookshelf by ClarkeHopkinsClarke

Read-Unread Bookshelf by Niko Economidis Design

Angle Nesting Shelves from West Elm

Altavoz Storage by Carlos Tiscar