Lean Bookshelf from MonoComplex

Rubber Bookshelf by Luke Hart

Divider by Mieke Meijer

The Bookworm Chair by Atelier 010

Dotbox by Hangar Design Group

Flexible Modular Shelving from Lesha Galkin and Dopludo Collective

Nodo Collection by Estudio Pentagono

Modern Vintage Bookshelf by Munkii

Ousama by Dripta Roy

Bookcase CUBS by Imotiu

Finnieston New Furniture Collection by Samuel Chan For Channels

Paraleelos by Masiosare

Vertical Loft by Shift A + U

Greenbook by Nautinox Living

Rivolta Bench by Raphael Di Biase

Shearers Quarters by John Wardle Architects

Red Library in $20 Million New York Apartment

96° by Karoline Fesser

Jaguar Bookcase in Dutch Mountain by Denieuwegeneratie

2B at MOB

Rocky Shelving by Charles Kalpakian