Pull Me To Life by Juno Jeon

Self Containing Bookshelf

Chiave Di Volta by 967 Architetti Associati

CWave Bookcase by Gianmarco Blini

Mini Structures by Marc Giai-​​Miniet

Helix Furniture System

Comal Shelves at Yucca Stuff

The Mini Modular Library by Penghao Shan

Frames 2.0 by Gerard De Hoop

Anything by Steffen Kehrle

A-frame Shelving Unit at Yield

Tilta by Paolo Cappello Design

Marmo svelato meraviglia rivelata o from Carrara Design Factory

Apartment in Paris by Régis Larroque

PinPres Storage Shelf

Set Bookcase by Stephanie Hornig

Iron Joe Polar Bear Bookcase

Baltic Gold Shelf by Nick Ross

Albero by Gianfranco Frattini

Mark by Dima Loginoff