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The Target Books Shelf by Mebrure Oral

SheLLf Shelving by Ka-Lai Chan

Haus W by Kraus Schönberg Architects

The Furniture Collection by Arco da Velha

Contemporary Bauhaus on the Carmel by Pitsou Kedem Architects

Stuttgart City Library by Eun Young Yi

Tectonic Bookcase

Angle shelf by Sara Larsson

Zelli Library

MDAY Bookcase by Mazzali

Amsterdam Public Library Design by Jo Coenen

Shelving With Convex Curve by Karim Rashid

Geo Book Shelf 3

M40 by Mazzali

Pure White House by Susanna Cots

House in Kaga by AE5 partners

Barcelona House by Gaudi

House in Nakameguro by Level Architects

Pattern of Habit by Andrea Zittel

Mario Rocha House by Carlos Nuno Lacerda