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Modular Bookcase by Kengo Kuma

Fréquence by Jean Couvreur

TIPTOE Shelves and Brackets

Wall*nut Hexagons at ThinkFabricate

Slide Shelving by Daniele Lago

FlexShelf by LATITUDE

Adjustable Perforated Shelf at Urban Outfitters

Chiave Di Volta by 967 Architetti Associati

CWave Bookcase by Gianmarco Blini

The Mini Modular Library by Penghao Shan

Loopholes by Atelier Belge

hash by Max Voytenko

Moni Customizable Shelf by Carme Pinos Studio

The Collector’s Shelving System BY AMUNEAL

CROSS-iT Modular shelving by Alex O’Connell

KONNEX Shelf Design by Florian Gross

Nooks Shelf System by Michael Bernard

Sum Shelves by Peter Marigold

Citybook by Antonella Di Luca and Ubaldo Righi

BUILD modular furniture

Ofon by Nendo