Spread 10Y by Antonio Maria Privitera

Shoes Books and a Bike by Thomas Walde

Weave Bookcase by Chicako Ibaraki

Spiga from Enzyma

SAK by Emiliano Godoy, Luis Mercado & Emiliano GarcĂ­a

Cubos by Emiliano Godoy & Juan Zouain

Quetza by NEL colectivo

Marona by Daniel Romero

Whale Bookshelf by Justin Southey

Pack of Dogs by NEL colectivo

Tangram bookshelf from Daniele Lago

Face Shelving by Alexi McCarthy

Minumum Book Modular Bookcase

Outdoor Office Shed by Office Sian Architecture

Conceal Book Shelves

Stairs Bookcase

Parallels Bars Bookshelf

Book Rack by Gustav Johannsson and Agusta Magnusdottir

Hold On Tight Shelf by Colleen Whiteley

Contrast Shelving by Studio Segers

The Gummitwist System By Nino Guelker