VAC-Library by Farming Architects

Wisdom Tree by Mike Mak & Plateaus

Band Rail by VG Studio

Terminator T800 Bookends

TIPTOE Shelves and Brackets

Stretch Board by Taijiro Ishiko

The Ladybug by Luo Yujie & Lu Zhuojian

Link Shelves by Studio Hausen

Piano Shelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

Work of Filip Janssens

Field Shelves by Dmitri Kozinenko

Wall*nut Hexagons at ThinkFabricate

Slide Shelving by Daniele Lago

Three Dimensional Bookcase by George Bosnas

Antologia Bookshelf by Studio14

Street Artist Turns Building into Giant Bookcase

Bookcase Built with Tree Trunk

Bookends That Look Like Japanese Back Alleys

Wave Bookshelf

GATE shelving by Artem Zakharchenko

Poker – Shelves